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With John and Derek

Angriest Minute EP5 – Relationship Anger Uncensored

PW5 EP6 – Top 5 Wrestling Games

The Bottom Line with John and Derek Ep8 – How does Lebron feel about Kyrie Erving’s words and will Lebron stick around? Are the Cleveland Browns making the right moves? The boys are back and they have lots to talk about in the world of Sports, Movies, and Entertainment in General. Splash of Tour De […]

NEW EPISODE ANGRIEST FANS! Angriest Minute Uncensored airs at 11pm EST on There’s No Crying in Radio. Listen in as Masked D-Bag #8 gives one of his famous Top 10 Angers!!! DONT FORGET THERE ARE NEW EPISODES WEEKLY!!!!

My Parents Basement with Striker

Local Legend Gary Lowe Passed Away and recently The Bottom Line Guys talked about the Sports Broadcasting world and how it effects our emotions and the memories they can conjure up. Here is the link to an article by Jim Homan: Broadcaster Lowe loved Hardin County   Listen to the latest Bottom Line Episode Number […]

The Bottom Line with John and Derek

The Bottom Line Guys John, Derek, and Special Guest Dustin agreed on something in Episode 6 of their Podcast, the must watch movie is the Baby Driver. What is the Baby Driver about well check out the trailer below and here is the sypnosis: Talented getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) relies on the beat of […]

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