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Angriest Minute UNCENSORED: Things piss you off? Well they piss me off too! I’m Masked D-Bag #8 and I host the Angriest Minute Uncensored. It’s a show where I get upset and yell about things that piss me off! Maybe its Road Rage, maybe its Restroom Anger, or even sometimes I ask our Facebook fans what pisses them off! No matter what, you can be sure that I’m going to be angry about something! So tune in, cuz if you don’t that is going to piss me off!

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We met Masked D-Bag #8 back in the day when we were wrestlers! #8 and his ENTIRE Masked Douchebag Family (Daddy Douche was a traveling man and laid his seed ALL across the great state of Ohio); well they were one of the hottest amateur wrestling acts of all time, making crowds cheer with laughter […]

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