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This week Striker covers- Turned-based RPGs, Fantasy Football, and Roger brings us news from the Columbus Toy and Collectible Show!  And don’t forget to hit up the Facebook page My Parent’s Basement for all your gaming news, updates, and general nerdom.

By subscribing to this podcast, you will automatically receive the latest episodes downloaded to your computer or portable device. Select the subscription method below that best fits your lifestyle. Also Available on iHeart Radio : Click here to Listen on iHeart Radio App and Website Spreaker Podcast: Click here to Listen at Spreaker PodBean Podcast: […]

The new horror movie IT has some people dressing as clowns and scaring the shit out of people. Well that is a Prank that Masked Dbag #8 doesn’t like and its pissing him off! But the masked one starts down memory lane on pranks he has either seen or heard, and seems to take joy […]

ProWrestling has its superstars, but only few become etched in our memories as Champions! This week on PW5 the guys are debating who are the Top 5 Champions. So many great legends from The People’s Champion The Rock, the nWo Champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and even the former UFC and current WWE Universal Champion Brock […]

Bottom Line EP10 – Sports or Movies? Why Not Both! John sits down with the host of the newest There’s No Crying in Radio Podcast host Mike Styer to discuss Movies, Sports, and other pop culture items on the latest Bottom Line.

The 1982 movie The Thing is spoiled by Mike! Mike loves movies and he is ready to tell you all about this great flick.  

There’s No Crying in Radio has no shortage of excellent Podcasts and now we add another to the platform! We are proud to introduce “Here There Be Spoilers with Mike.” It covers all things Movies! Mike has an interesting perspective on Movies past and present and he will talk with you about his experience watching […]

AMU EP10 – NFL Anger The NFL 2017 Season has kicked off, so that means Masked Dbag #8 is pissed off! This week he unleashes his NFL Anger on the National Football League! Patriotism, Drug Offenses, Uniforms, Thursday Night Football, and don’t forget the easiest target of all: The Referees! So tune it and get more pissed […]

There’s No Crying in radio is adding another fantastic Podcast to our collection, ‘Here There Be Spoilers’ hosted by Mike S. will enter into the world of movies and hopefully give you insight into the top movies of all time. Check out the introduction episode number 1 below and check back for new episodes coming […]