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    My Parents Basement

    Back after a long break, Striker brings you the run down of the EA bull-shittery with Battlefront 2 and his newest time killer, Divinity:Original Sin 2.

    This is controversial!  This week Striker covers gaming controversies from Difficulty settings to Loot Crates to the axing of an entire franchise!

    ​This week Striker brings you Red Dead Redemption 2, Cuphead, and starts to confront his fears with Horror Genre games with Observer.  So switch on your miner’s hat and trudge on down to My Parent’s Basement on No Crying in Radio!

    This week Striker covers- Turned-based RPGs, Fantasy Football, and Roger brings us news from the Columbus Toy and Collectible Show!  And don’t forget to hit up the Facebook page My Parent’s Basement for all your gaming news, updates, and general nerdom.

    My Parents Basement The 5th  this week: New GamesCon game play revealed, Game of Thrones discussion, and some quick points on the upcoming Ready Player One movie. So hop on your Bat computer and come join me in My Parents Basement.  

    Comic Book, Dr. Who, and so much more.

    My Parents Basement with Striker