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    Masked D-Bag #8 / AMU Host

      masked dbag Number 8

      Masked Dbag Number 8

      We met Masked D-Bag #8 back in the day when we were wrestlers! #8 and his ENTIRE Masked Douchebag Family (Daddy Douche was a traveling man and laid his seed ALL across the great state of Ohio); well they were one of the hottest amateur wrestling acts of all time, making crowds cheer with laughter and excitement. And now that he’s retired from the wrestling ring, his new job is telling you WHAT PISSES HIM OFF! He has an issue with EVERYTHING and has an opinion about EVERYTHING!! So we let him vent on a show called “Angriest Minute Uncensored” where Masked D-Bag #8 is allowed to bitch and moan and complain about anything and everything he wants. Its very entertaining! So check him out EXCLUSIVLY here on There’s No Crying in Radio!


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